The Dick Collection Providing Quality, Cutting Edge, Offensive Fashion, For The Financially Challenged.

   The Dick Collection is a continually expanding collection of somewhat offensive, yet humorous, Novelty T-Shirts, using Cartoon Dicks to describe certain phrases, genres, cultures, and subcultures. We currently have Multiple different T-Shirt designs available in "The Dick Collection", with alot more to come!

  All shirts are Hand Printed Upon Order, on High Quality Hanes Tagless 6oz T-Shirts, with professional inks, and are not iron-ons. All items purchased are shipped with delivery confirmation, within 24 hours of payment, FOR FREE!!!

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Broke Dick T-Shirt
 "Broke Dick" might not seem to be the happiest dick in the Dick Collection, but he is ..
Corporate Dick T-Shirt
Like all of our shirts, the "Corporate DICK" T-shirt is printed on a Hanes tagless 6 oz. T-S..
Drunk Dick T-Shirt
Are you a "Dick" when you're drunk? Maybe you know someone that is? Either way, you can't go wron..
Emo Dick T-Shirt
"Emo Dick" is the self loathing dick your mom warned you about. Featuring bold lines, a ..
Fat Dick T-Shirt
The "Fat Dick" T Shirt is great for those big AND small!! Because every now and then you need a F..
Punk Dick T-Shirt
"Punk Dick" was born a rocker, and will die a rocker! Featuring bold lines, and a font that ..
Stoned Dick T-Shirt
   Stoned Dick is the guy who ALWAYS sits at home smoking, ALWAYS has the Dank Sac, &nb..
Stupid Dick T-Shirt
Everyone knows a "Stupid Dick". One of those guys that act as if they know everything, are better..
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